Saturday, 13 December 2014

Binary Options

Just recently, I've been looking into binary options.

They're derivatives that are based upon the stock market.  They're called binary because they have two possible outcomes - money or no money - and have nothing todo with computer binary numbers.

As with anything based on the stock market, money can disappear very quickly - great care needs to be taken not to click at random, otherwise alot of money can vanish in an instance.  

There are several different versions of binary options and one of the easier to understand is to predict whether an "asset" is going to finish higher or lower than a certain point.  If it does then you get a payout, if not then you don't.

There are all sorts of tools and indicators that can be used to predict the nature of the stock market and it all has it's own lingo - including Candlesticks, Pinocchio, hammers, gravestones, Bollinger bands and Alligators.

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