Saturday, 11 May 2013

Getting Started in Learning How to Program

Picture from Pixabay
Learning to program is an amazing hobby that involves developing your logical and analytical thinking.  It means that instead of just making do with what's already "out there" you can produce your own programs to do what ever you want. It's also relatively simple to get started - even a child can do it

The first thing you need to get started is a good programming language environment and thankfully Microsoft have produced a free version of their Visual Studio tools that can be downloaded from the official Microsoft site HERE - The advantage of using Microsoft tools to learn how to program is that they are used worldwide to produce almost every single program that you can possibly think of that runs on Windows - learning to program on these tools means that you've not just learnt programming, you've also learnt how to use a real tool used by real professional programmers.

C# - pronounced C sharp - is a good choice in learning to program as it provides quick results and is similar to other languages such as C++ and Java.

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