Tuesday, 22 January 2013


It's a crime!

The dodgy folk are now trying a new variation on the previously mentioned Microsoft Scam.  

They've obviously realised that word has got round that nobody is trusting the "I'm speaking from Windows" speech and now they've replaced it with "I am from Technical support at your Internet Service Provider", they say something along the lines of "we have noticed on our servers that each time you switch your computer on, you are not getting full internet speed and this is because of a virus on your machine. " 

I Don't Believe IT !   

It's just another ploy to try and get you to download and install their rogue software that gives them full access to your machine and all the personal information that it contains.

If you ever get a phone call from someone - doesn't matter who they say they are, how convincing they sound and who they work for - they're not who they say they are and are trying to commit a crime against you! 

It's probably just as simple as they've just picked your name and phone number out of the telephone directory

Be Polite

The best tactic to avoid wasting your time with these people is to say "No Thanks" and hang up without letting them continue with their nonsense.

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